External Links: Historic Scotland

Technical Paper 32: A data driven approach to understanding historic mortars in Scotland: Link

Technical Paper 31: Historic External Lime Finishes in Scotland (Tom Addyman and Tim Meek): Link

Technical Paper 30: Historic Literature Review of Traditional Lime Mortars (Nigel Copsey): Link

Technical Paper 29: A Review of Hot-Mixed External Lime Coatings in Scotland 1997-2016 (Craig Frew): Link

Technical Paper 28: Specifying Hot-Mixed Lime Mortars (Roz Artis): Link

Technical Paper 27: Hot-Mixed Lime Mortars: Microstructure and Functional Performance (David Wiggins): Link

Hot Lime Mortars Project (Phase One Report): Link


External Links: Papers and Articles

Study: Antiviral Effect of Lime on Influenza A Virus H5N1 (A/Cambodia/408008/2005): Link

Hot-mixed lime mortar: historical and analytical evidence of its use in medieval wall painting plaster (Midtgaard et al., 2020 - Abstract): Link

Hot Limewashes and Sheltercoats (Nigel Copsey, 2017): Link

Earth Mortars (Tom Morton, Nigel Copsey and Rebecca Little, 2016): Link

The Myth in the Mix (Gerard Lynch, 2007): Link

Pozzolans for Lime Mortars (Patricia Gibbons, 1997): Link

Hydraulic Lime Production (Cristiano Figueiredo, Alison Henry and Stafford Holmes, 2018): Link

Clay Plasters (Philip Allen and Neil May, 2003): Link

Isle Abbots, Lime Technology in the 21st Century (Sally Strachey, 2006): Link

Solid-Wall Construction, Measuring and Improving Thermal Performance (Tim Yates, 2012): Link


External Links: Miscellaneous Video Content

David Wiggins - "How Lime Mortar Works" - APT Symposium 2020: Link

Nigel Copsey - APT & National Trust Joint Conference 2020 - Conference Presentation: Link

Nigel Copsey - HERITAGE2020 - Conference Paper Presentation: Link

James Grenney - Quick Hot Mixed Lime Mortar Twin Bin (Part 2): Link

James Grenney - Quick Hot Mixed Lime Mortar Twin Bin (Part 1): Link

Training Project in Moffat: Link

The Lime Kiln - How Lime Was Made in Orgaz: Link

Lime Burning in Llutxent, Valencia 1: Link

Lime Burning in Llutxent, Valencia 2: Link

Cal de Moron: Link

Yemen - The Architecture of Mud: Link

Hot Lime Mortar Repointing on Oxfordshire Thatch Cottage: Link

Cátedra UNESCO - Spain (2023): Link

Techniques Et Métiers - Arles (2023): Link

Hot Lime Moffat 1: Link

Hot Lime Moffat 2: Link




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